Women thrive when they are able to express and embody their true nature.

I am devoted to elevating women’s experience of womanhood, pregnancy, birth and motherhood through reacquainting them with their deepest source of truth and power, which is their body. 

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A doula is a reassuring and calming presence. She is dedicated to your well-being during pregnancy, labour and birth, and, if necessary, post-natally for both you and your baby.


Ecstatic Birth preparation redefines our understanding of childbirth so as to transform the experience from something a woman has to endure into one that she can ENJOY.


Sensuality is an integral part of a woman’s being. Our capacity to feel deeply through our body is an exquisite gateway to living a life full of passion, purpose and pleasure.

Traditional Mexican Medicine for Women

For fertility, pregnancy and the post-natal period.

©REX by shutterstock. (AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru)

©REX by shutterstock. (AP Photo/Andreea Alexandru)

I stand for the most radiant and empowered version of yourself.

I know that you can find your power, confidence, wisdom and pleasure within yourself. You can find your own path towards everything you most want.

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I am absolutely passionate about supporting women in a way that will give them their own natural authority during pregnancy and birth, and most importantly, throughout their lives. I offer personalised care and support for women who want to claim complete authority and autonomy over their bodies. Click here to view all services available.

The services I offer intend to give you the tools and resources you need to feel absolutely confident and informed to carve your own path, that which feels fulfilling to you.

My offerings value your individual needs, your aspirations and your feelings, aiming to guide and inspire you towards your most truthful expression.

My belief in the innate wisdom of our bodies originates from my lifelong devotion to dance and somatic practices. My work as a somatic movement practitioner and birth doula aims to cultivate women’s trust in their body and themselves through support, reliable information and somatic practices which embrace the body, mind and soul.

Throughout the course of my pregnancy Samara was a guiding light and a font of wisdom that taught me to trust myself, my inner voice, and my body.
Her profound belief in me helped me believe in myself and my ability to birth my baby naturally, which was the most immense, empowering and joyful moment of my life.
— Natalie