Every man’s journey to fatherhood is unique.

The changes that accompany pregnancy, birth and the post-natal period are significant, but so is the role that men play in this transformation. A partner’s quality of presence and influence through this time is momentus. This phase is always an opportunity for growth, resolution and bonding at a deeper level in relationship.

In these sessions, we notice how our cultural conditioning and our family stories have shaped the way we perceive birth. We address fears and concers which may inhibit your truest expression and powerful contribution to the birth of your child. In essence, we value your experience.

Fathers-to-be have the undeniable advantage of knowing their birthing partners intimately. This is where the potential for an ecstatic birth lies. There is usually no one else who can embrace and entrance the birthing mama like they can. I absolutely love seeing and holding space for that level of closeness and union during the birth of a child.

I wish to offer every father-to-become the opportunity to receive one-to-one attention and acknowledgment of their needs so that they can live the experience as fully as possible, empowered in their own genuine expression of what it means to them to become a father.