Ecstatic Birth preparation is a call to redefine our understanding of childbirth so as to transform the experience from something a woman has to endure into one that she can ENJOY.

This requires unlayering our minds of all the cultural and religious inheritance we have received, directly or indirectly, which has deeply impacted our perception of birth and therfore our experience of birth. It also requires taking full resposibilty for our experience as women.

Our societal structures have trained us to abdicate all responsibility for our bodies and our care to our practitioners. I know that when a woman deeply inhabits her body, she can find her power, pleasure and wisdom within, without the need to rely on an outsider’s influence or authority. Her primary need, then, becomes the unconditional support from her loved ones, who help her fulfil her potential as a woman and a mother.

Ecstatic Birth preparation honours women’s bodies and their innate potential to experience a pleasurable birth.

Pleasure is incredibly calming to our nervous system and brings us into a receptive and surrendered state which is exactly the state we want to be in during birth. Pleasure also triggers the release of oxytocin, which is a major player in the birthing process.

Oxytocin is known as the hormone of love and bonding and is released during arousal and orgasm, stimulating that feeling of closeness to our partners. After birth, the body is flooded with the most amount of oxytocin a woman will experience in her life. This enables her to fall in love and bond deeply with her baby.

Many routine procedures performed by medical staff during the birth process these days, inhibit the release of oxytocin, minimising women's capacity to enter the necessary limbic state of consciousness so essential, not only for labour to unfold naturally, but for feelings of bliss, pleasure and ecstasy to flow through her. I can offer suggestions to minimise the impact of such interferences.

Childbirth can be the most ecstatic, transformational and empowering experience in a woman’s life.

IF YOU KNOW DEEP DOWN THAT THIS IS TRUE, gift yourself the best chance to create the experience you want through Ecstatic Birth preparation.

Berber Theunissen

Berber Theunissen