Bringing new life into the world, through your own body, is a path worth honouring.

What called me to become a doula was my innate knowing that women THRIVE when they are able to express and embody their true nature. I love seeing women thrive and embrace motherhood when they feel empowered, well-informed and confident.

My work as a doula honours and preserves the life force within all women. I believe that the mother's state of mind and her well-being determine our health and reflect in the Nature around us.

While respecting the mother’s individual needs and decisions, my presence in the birthing space is my commitment to helping her deliver her baby in HER OWN WAY, without inhibitions, and with the appropriate support. My work is to ensure that she has the most positive birth experience possible.

I have found that Birth reflects a woman’s relationship to herself and her body.

This is why my practice as a birth doula deeply values and cultivates embodiment and self-care.

My approach is very gentle. Using movement to soothe and support your labour comes from my background as a trained dancer and somatic movement practitioner. For ease and vitality, I give particular attention to the pelvis. I make sure that the mother is aware of the physiology of labour and delivery as well as what is happening within her body, when she is giving birth.

The use of flower essences, aromatherapy, massage, the rebozo (a traditional Mexican shawl) and gentle movement are combined to accompany the mother, physically and emotionally, throughout pregnancy, the birth process and the post-natal period.

Helping an expectant mother and her partner experience pregnancy and birth fully is precious to me because their fulfilment will be a gift to our next generation and those around them. Appreciating your partner's needs and concerns becomes part of my work during this significant and transformative time.