Treat yourself yummy mama.

Whether you have just had a baby and need some rest and recovery, or need some dedicated time for yourself as a busy mama, or are still pregnant and in need of a little love and attention, these pampering sessions will replenish and resource you for your day ahead or a good night’s sleep.


A light massage imbued with the healing properties of organic essential oils to suit your emotional and physical needs.


Herbal baths

Excellent for post-natal recovery, these medicinal baths soothe, heal and restore. The herbal blends are prepared by a professional herbalist and myself and left to infuse overnight, creating a powerful remedy to soak your whole body in.

Organic facials

Relax deeply into a rejuvenating face massage using the highest quality facial oils to pamper your skin.

You can book a session from 7am to 11pm, Wednesday to Sunday, and I will be there to pamper you, in the comfort of your own home.*

*These sessions are for London-based mamas only.

Aromatherapy session- £60 per hour

Bespoke herbal bath- £55

Organic facial- £55

A combination of two treatments- £95

A package of three (1h30 mins)- £130

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I recommend you book your session a week in advance to avoid disappointment. If you would prefer to book over the phone, please call or text 0754 288 3984