I believe that prenatal care should be, above all else, resourceful, nourishing and inspiring; a true celebration of you and your baby.

I offer personalised birth preparation sessions which value a woman’s own path.

The attention and care I bring is completely informed by your own needs and desires. An initial session will help me to create a personalised programme for you, which will reflect what is most important to you.

You will become the creator of your own experience with my devoted support.

 I know that education + embodiment = EMPOWERMENT

Birth is a body-led experience, an exquisite dance, not a thinking process. Alongside providing you with valuable information, I give particular attention to supporting you integrate your learning within your body; in this process, what you learn becomes yours, an inner resource you can truly count on during your birth process.

The services I offer intend to give you the tools and resources you need to feel absolutely confident and informed to carve your own path, that which feels fulfilling to you.