What mamas say

Throughout the course of my pregnancy Samara was a guiding light and a font of wisdom that taught me to trust myself, my inner voice, and my body. I can honestly say that the beautiful birth experience I had would not have been possible without Samara. Her profound belief in me helped me believe in myself and my ability to birth my baby naturally, which was the most immense, empowering and joyful moment of my life.
— Natalie
Samara has great knowledge about and belief in the female body, which encouraged me to focus more on my inner strength and abilities. She believes in the most natural ways of delivering babies, which I was looking for. She helped me to reconnect with myself instead of focusing on my fears
— Kasia
I fell in love with Samara straight away with her relaxed, soothing and warm personality. She was key in the delivery of my daughter. Her presence was immensely valued during the birth process, where she ensured all my wishes would be respected but also provided comfort, massages, and reassuring words.
— Sonia
Samara has this beautiful grounded presence, she guides the mother to let her body feel the experience of being pregnant as a feminine expression and powerful gift of the Divine.
Thank you so much Samara, your work is gentle, powerful, sincere, deep, connected and honest. You make every woman feel their power.
— Ana Muriel
Samara is a very warm person, open-minded, understanding, non-judgemental. She has a great knowledge about the female body and how to prepare it for giving birth. She is very helpful and considerate.
— N.K
Samara was a positive and calm influence, which was certainly helpful throughout pregnancy and birth. She was empathetic towards my emotions and was able to accommodate my wishes.
— Charlotte
We are very grateful to have had Samara by our side during the birth of our second child and the post natal period. My birth experience would not have been any better without her expertise, adaptability and such calmness she brings with her. I must say with her I have had the joy of experiencing the most beautiful birth in a situation with its own complications. Samara absolutely supported my husband and was quick to recognise and extend support to him. She is such a joy to my eldest daughter that we do miss her. Samara was an absolute angel to our family, I would highly recommend her.
— Manjula