Treatments for menstrual health

I offer a range of treatments to support a healthy menstrual cycle. My care is always tailored to a woman’s individual needs. La Apertura, Cerrada, herbal vaginal steams, herbal baths, Womb Blessings and Healing are all part of a holistic approach to addressing concerns to do with fertility, irregular cycles and painful or heavy periods.


 La Apertura

Opening Rebozo treatment for fertility and well-being during pregnancy.

This whole body treatment creates space within your body to receive and sustain new life. With the aid of the Rebozo (a long Mexican shawl traditionally used by Indigenous Mexican midwifes), your body is cradled, lengthened and supported in releasing tension, especially in the neck, spine and pelvis. The deep state of relaxation which follows opens you further to let go of what no longer serves you in preparation for a new cycle. Any stagnant energy can in turn move freely through the body or be cleared away.

This is a very nurturing treatment which enables replenishment at a very deep level.

Photo by Laurie Castelli.

Photo by Laurie Castelli.

Receiving the apertura during pregnancy feels like going deeper into a restoring alignment of my whole being. The whole experience felt like being embraced by life itself.
— Ana

Mother Blessing Ceremony

As passed down to me by traditional Mexican midwife, Angelina Martinez Miranda.


This gathering and blessing is traditionally offered to a woman at her 4th month of pregnancy. It aims to fill the mother-to-become with confidence, love and positivity, whilst deeply honouring her path towards becoming a mother.

A medicinal cacao is prepared for her with herbs and spices whilst her loved ones capture their blessings, one knot at a time, in a fine red belt which surrounds the woman’s hips. All her blessings will accompany her throughout her pregnancy until it is time to release them, by undoing the knots, during the birth process.

La Cerrada

for closing a cycle.

I offer this profound ceremony to women post-natally, ideally soon after birth. Its intention is to honour the new mother for everything she has experienced and given of herself to bring new life into the world. Her mother and/or partner are preferrably present.

The cerrada invites a woman to fully come back home to herself after the significant opening necessary for childbirth. This enables her to preserve her energy for complete recovery and attention to herself, her transformation, and her baby. It is a time of deep acknowledgment and integration of her experience.

(This ceremony is included in my birth support package).

*Please note that you can receive a cerrada even if you gave birth 20 years ago, what is important is that you close whatever cycle you feel needs closure, this could also be felt after a separation, a loss (including terminations or miscarriages) or a significant life event which requires completion in order to open to the new.

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Important information

These practices have been directly handed down to me by traditional Mexican midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda, who preserves through her practice a long lineage of authentic indigenous Mexican tradition. Her transmission, generosity and heart receive my complete respect and immense gratitude. My own Mexican roots are present in my sharing.

We are currently, in the West, experiencing a real confusion in regards to these practices due mainly to the commercialistaion and misunderstanding of Rebozo related skills and its significance in Mexican culture. This is of course concerning, because many women are being misinformed and not receiveing true care in the way that it is meant. Please ensure that your practitioner is grounded in the truth of this work by referring to this directory of professionals who have learnt directly from the source.

Angelina Martinez Miranda gifting me permission to use my rebozo to bring care to women and their families.

Angelina Martinez Miranda gifting me permission to use my rebozo to bring care to women and their families.