As a woman, your sensuality is innate.

Living your sensuality is in fact, less about doing, and more about BEING who you truly are.

It’s about living yout truth through your body, in the most radiant, receptive and fulfilling way.

Sensuality is an integral part of a woman’s being. Our capacity to feel deeply through our body is an exquisite gateway into living a life full of passion, purpose and pleasure (regardless of your circumstances). You can always, always tap into your innate sensuality, life-force and brilliance.

Berber Theunissen

The potential for experiencing bliss and ecstasy from within is always present. There is an ever-flowing stream of pleasure moving through you at all times.

Most of us don’t have much experience in letting our bodies guide our way. This is the essence of the intuitive feminine and it is cultivated through awareness, attention and sensuality.

Pleasure is the fulfilment of our senses, the fullest expression of life force flowing through us. Welcoming more pleasure into our lives inevitably leads to experiencing ourselves more fully.

I would love to take you higher.

The Sensual Journey package I offer is a tailored programme designed to elevate you towards your own unique sensual expansion.

I come to you when I fall back from my centre, or feel disconnected from my femininity. I also come to you to celebrate when I find it again.
— E.V